Silver Singles

Each year, Gallery TPW releases an affordable, limited-edition portfolio of photographs featuring exceptional artists. Thoughtfully compiled by TPW’s Silver Editions committee, Silver Editions represents a rare opportunity for art lovers and collectors alike to acquire works by established and emerging artists at affordable prices. The sale of these artworks also supports Gallery TPW, a nonprofit artist-run centre and registered charity, and its innovative programming.

After a year, any remaining Silver Editions become available for sale as individual images. You can learn more about these artworks and purchase them by clicking the thumbnails below.

To view all past and current sets of Silver Editions, please click here. To purchase a full set of Silver Editions or for any other inquiries, please contact Brian Sholis at or 416-645-1066.

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, The Folly of Comic Pain, 2015

Duane Linklater, June 22, 2016

Elizabeth Zvonar, Purple Haze: Hydrangeas in Space, 2016

Vikky Alexander, Obsession Centrefold, 1983-2015

Lili Huston-Herterich, DIY Almanac Composition (Jay Cloth), 2015

Owen Kydd, Acrylic Store (Screen Contingency), 2015

Luis Jacob, Mottled Form, 2007

John Massey, Daybreak, 2008

Jimmy Limit, Crowbar with White Tube
(Conceal, Confusion, Drainage, Expertise,
Flexibility, Isolation, Nobody, Progress,
Similarity, Success), 2012

Kotama Bouabane, Bridge, 2010

Michelle O’Byrne, English Silver, 2011

Dawit Petros, Double Cube Formation No. 1 from the series Mahber Shaw’ate (Association for 7), 2010

Jesse Boles, Piles #3 form the series Piles, 2007.

Davida Nemeroff, What Window Light Can Do For My Dad from the series Dream Baby Dream, 2009

Robert Burley, Lake Superior/Thunder Bay #2, 2006

Robin Collyer, Accident, 2006

Clara Gutsche, Les Soeurs Adoratrices du Precieux-Sang, Nicolet, 1995

Adam Harrison, Back Room, Vancouver Aquarium (Live coral reef exhibit), 2006

Roger LeMoyne, Srebrenica, Bosnia, 2006

Phil Bergerson, Untitled, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2005

Toni Hafkenscheid, Roller Coaster, Santa Monica, CA, 2004

Geoffrey James, Pantheon, from the Paris series

Katherine Knight, Bubble, 2000

Lori Newdick, Untitled, 2006