Silver Editions 2016

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Elizabeth Zvonar and Duane Linklater

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, The Folly of Comic Pain, 2015

Duane Linklater, June 22, 2016

Elizabeth Zvonar, Purple Haze: Hydrangeas in Space, 2016

CAD $1,650 (portfolio)
Edition of 20 with 3 APs; each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

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Each year, Gallery TPW releases an affordable, limited-edition portfolio of photographs featuring exceptional artists. Thoughtfully compiled by TPW’s Silver Editions committee, Silver Editions represents a rare opportunity for art lovers and collectors alike to acquire works by established and emerging artists at affordable prices. The sale of these artworks also supports Gallery TPW, a nonprofit artist-run centre and registered charity, and its innovative programming. To see other past Silver Editions, click here.

The artists in this year's collection share an interest in the political history of images and the continuous processes of their recontextualizion. The artists re-perform and re-present existing images and cultural gestures, simultaneously speaking back to their sources and reverberating outward. In mockery of carefully choreographed military routines, the dark clown of Broomberg & Chanarin's The Folly of Comic Pain mimics the form and pose of a disfigured doll documented by Surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer. In Purple Haze: Hydrangeas in Space, Zvonar cuts and pastes found printed matter into a surreal homage to Jimi Hendrix, the Purple One (R.I.P. Prince), and the beauty and mysteries of deep space. In June 22, Linklater reproduces in miniature the cover art of an album by Comanche/Kiowa musician Jesse Ed Davis, which was in turn a replica of a painting by his father Jesse Edwin Davis II. To learn more about the artists and artworks, click the thumbnail images at the top of this page.

We would like to thank the participating artists and their dealers: Lisson Gallery and Goodman Gallery (Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin), Daniel Faria Gallery (Elizabeth Zvonar), and Catriona Jeffries Gallery (Duane Linklater).

We are also grateful to our hosts Beverly & Jack Creed and our Silver Editions sponsors Circuit Gallery, Superframe, and Martin’s Fine Art Services.