Silver Editions 2015

Vikky Alexander, Lili Huston-Herterich, and Owen Kydd

Vikky Alexander, Obsession Centrefold, 1983–2015

Lili Huston-Herterich, DIY Almanac Composition (Jay Cloth), 2015

Owen Kydd, Acrylic Store (Screen Contingency), 2015

CAD $1,650 (portfolio) or $750 (individual image)
Edition of 20 with 3 APs; each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

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Each year, Gallery TPW releases an affordable, limited-edition portfolio of photographs featuring exceptional artists. Thoughtfully compiled by TPW’s Silver Editions committee, Silver Editions represents a rare opportunity for art lovers and collectors alike to acquire works by established and emerging artists at affordable prices. The sale of these artworks also supports Gallery TPW, a nonprofit artist-run centre and registered charity, and its innovative programming. To see other past Silver Editions, click here.

This year’s portfolio is united by an interest in appropriation and found images, featuring bold palettes of primary colours and playful references to the consumer aesthetics of the 1980s. Alexander reconfigures a found photograph to draw attention to cultural constructions of nature, Huston-Herterich uses gestural drawing on her prints to imitate DIY and domestic mark-making, and Kydd produces a photograph of an acrylics store display case, based on one of his signature “durational photograph” video works. To learn more about the artists included in this portfolio, click the thumbnail images at the top of this page.

Gallery TPW would like to thank the participating artists and their dealers: TrépanierBaer and Wilding Cran (Vikky Alexander), and Monte Clarke and Nicelle Beauchene (Owen Kydd).

We are grateful to our hosts Liza Mauer and Andrew Sheiner and our Silver Editions sponsors Circuit Gallery and Superframe.