Silver Editions 2014

Moyra Davey, Laurie Kang, and Public Studio

Moyra Davey, Cut Books, 2014

Laurie Kang, Untitled, 2014

Public Studio, Road from Qalqilya (from the series Road Shots), 2014

Silver Editions 2014 is sold out.
Edition of 20 with 3 APs; each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

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Each year, Gallery TPW releases an affordable, limited-edition portfolio of photographs featuring exceptional artists. Thoughtfully compiled by TPW’s Silver Editions committee, Silver Editions represents a rare opportunity for art lovers and collectors alike to acquire works by established and emerging artists at affordable prices. The sale of these artworks also supports Gallery TPW, a nonprofit artist-run centre and registered charity, and its innovative programming. To see other past Silver Editions, click here.


Uniting this year’s collection is an interest in photography as a physical medium, as each of the artists engages with their images directly on the paper’s surface, physically manipulating and altering them. For this reason each set of Silver Editions 2014 is truly unique. Davey prints and folds her photographs, hand-addressing them and mailing them directly to collectors; Kang dips sensitive photographic paper in chemistry creating irreproducible results; and Public Studio employ laser cutting to animate and puncture the surface of their images. To learn more about the artists, click the thumbnails at the top of this page.

Gallery TPW is grateful to our hosts Joanne and David Thring and our Silver Editions sponsors Circuit Gallery, Superframe, Toronto Laser Services, and Emblem Flowers.

Silver Editions 2014 was unveiled at an exclusive Collector Member’s reception at the home of TPW supporters Joanne & David Thring with talks by curator Sophie Hackett, artists Annie MacDonell and Elle Flanders, and TPW Executive Director Gary Hall.