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What We're Looking At ISSUE ZERO


We had to post this link to ISSUE ZERO after reading the Hito Steyerl critique regarding posting conference lectures online. ISSUE ZERO, while quite short on content at the moment, is a sexy attempt at archiving a live discursive event.
What We're Looking At Red Hook Journal

Red Hook Journal

We’re keeping an eye on the Red Hook Journal, the online publishing platform hosted by the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Aside from noticing a similar design that we’re testing with TPW R&D online (the visible accumulation of connected posts), there’s some great content here.
What We're Looking At Foam


Foam, the ever evolving and expanding photography organization based in Amsterdam (magazine, museum, blog), celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 2011, marking this achievement with a series of programming under the title: WHAT’S NEXT.
What We're Looking At Anthony_Huberman Lecture

The Now Museum

In March 2011, the doctoral program in art history at the CUNY Graduate Center, Independent Curators International, and the New Museum in New York, co-presented The Now Museum: Contemporary Art, Curating Histories, Alternative Models.