Gallery TPW is a not-for-profit artist-run centre that showcases unique, challenging, contemporary art. In 2014, Gallery TPW undertook a major project, transforming a 3,300 square-foot frozen fish warehouse into a sleek, accessible facility dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art. With over 37 years of innovative programming dedicated to still and moving images, our capacity to present outstanding work by Canadian and international artists is greatly enhanced by this new space. But an increase in our physical space has also meant a significant increase in our operating costs. We need the support of our community to continue to mobilize our space as a venue for TPW’s expanded vision of incredible critical programming and vital experimentation.

We take great care to engage our audience across multiple platforms. EXHIBITIONS are a powerful way Gallery TPW supports artists, enabling the production of meaningful and considered bodies of work. From our early role as an advocate for photography as an artistic form, to our current interest in how artists are working across lens-based media, we work to support new, generative, exploratory practices, believing that the gallery space is a key forum for public engagement. An interest in LIVENESS lets us explore how live bodies impact our perception of images, and how different disciplines (such as theatre, dance, music) and their institutions affect how we engage images and each other. Finally, EDUCATION is a key part of our work: thinking, writing and talking about art in public is a cornerstone of TPW programming. Each of these platforms is an integral dimension of our greater project to foster dialogue about the ways still and time-based images operate in our contemporary culture.

Since re-locating to our new space at 170 St Helens Avenue, we’ve continued to offer ambitious exhibitions, responsive to what contemporary artists are doing. With a new space that’s larger than ever, our commitment to cross-platform projects at the intersection of liveness, images, and pedagogy demands an increased level of in-house technical and personnel support. Your contributions allow us to continue our smart, ambitious, collaborative programs at a greater scale than ever.

Your contribution helps to sustain Gallery TPW’s future. For more information and to get involved, please contact Brian Sholis, Executive Director, at brian @ or (416) 645-1066.

Toronto Photographers Workshop is a Registered Charitable Organization
Charity BN / Registration # 11926 7235 RR0001

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