Brian Sholis
Executive Director
brian @

Kim Simon
kim @

Daniella Sanader
Installation & Communications Coordinator
daniella @

Lauren Fournier*
Gallery Assistant: Research & Programming
lauren @

Lillian O’Brien Davis*
Gallery Assistant: Membership & Development
lillian @

* These positions are funded with the support of the Young Canada Works program through Canadian Heritage.

Please note spaces in the email addresses which are placed to avoid spammers and mail-robots.

Website Maintenance and Development

2015: Sam Cotter, Lucas Mulder
2014: Sam Cotter, Lucas Mulder
2013: Sam Cotter, Leila Timmins, Lucas Mulder
2012: Amy Calder, Robert Lendrum, Sam Cotter, Leila Timmins, Lucas Mulder
2011: Amy Calder, Robert Lendrum, Sam Cotter, Lucas Mulder
2010: Tori Foster, Robert Lendrum
2009: Tori Foster, Lucas Mulder, Lisa Plekhanova, Matthew Williamson
2008: Mahan Javadi, Lucas Mulder, Lisa Plekhanova
2007: Jamie Allen, Lucas Mulder, Lisa Plekhanova
2006: Geoffrey Pugen, Jamie Allen, Lucas Mulder
2005: Erin Peck, Geoffrey Pugen
2004: Katie Varney, Rachel Ma
2003: Dave Kemp, Rachel Ma
2002: Dave Kemp

Website Design

2015 Concept and Design: Lucas Mulder, Sam Cotter
2012 Concept and Design (R&D Site): Lucas Mulder, Leila Timmins, Sam Cotter
2011 Concept and Design: Lucas Mulder, Robert Lendrum
2004 Concept and Design: Rachel Ma
2000 Concept and Design: Elaine Brodie

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