Moving and Renovation Updates

It is an amazing whirlwind of construction at our St Helens location. We have stripped the space to its raw state and are now starting to rebuild it into the brand new Gallery TPW. After taking a brief pause to exhibit Photorama 2014, we are back full-steam-ahead with renovations.

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“…a container for mere possibilities that have not yet happened, a body in a state of becoming through time, or a structure for the expression of time as it moves both forwards and backwards at once.”

Presented by Gallery TPW
In Partnership with FADO Performance Art Centre and No Reading After the Internet
March 20 – 28, 2015

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R&D Programming

From September 2012 – July 2014, our project space, branded as TPW R&D, was intended as a transitional and flexible space for shared research and the development of critical discourse. As a temporary research office, our focus was discursive programming — writing, screenings, discussions, workshops, fluid exhibition strategies — where we were able think out loud about our methodologies for looking and showing as much as we continued to directly experience the force of images.

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Through exhibition, performance, writing and discussion, we facilitate opportunities for audiences to engage each other within a critical discourse about contemporary media art.

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Silver Editions 2014

Moyra Davey, Laurie Kang and Public Studio

Silver Editions 2014 has sold out! Thank you for making this such a successful year.

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