Denise Ferreira da Silva and Arjuna Neuman
4 Waters: Deep Implicancy

March 9 to April 20, 2019
Closing Reception and Artist Talk: Wednesday, April 17th, 7:30pm
Co-presented with the Images Festival

4 Waters: Deep Implicancy is an experiment in collaboration that traces the striking possibility of a state without value. The artists research crosses four bodies of water—the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans—to connect four disparate islands: Lesvos, Haiti, Marshall Islands and Tiwi. Each island holds within it stories of tremendous violence, but also the potential for otherwise. The film assembles fragments that touch on a kind of knowledge imbedded in a moment preceding human history or geological timescales — a moment of total entanglement described by the artists as Deep Implicancy.


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